You're Invited! Bo and Hope's Christmas Wedding

It's been a long time coming and some Bo and Hope fans wondered if the day would ever arrive, but the joyous occasion is finally upon us: The wedding of daytime's hottest supercouple, Bo and Hope Brady is here! Kristian was so excited about the upcoming nuptuals that she wanted to share with her fans a little bit of what went on behind-the-scenes in planning this long-awaited affair.

I’ve been to the studio to pick up Kristian’s fan mail enough times now that it seems pretty routine. I don’t get nervous anymore the way I used to! But when Kristian invited me over one day late in November of 2000 to watch a little bit of the taping of Bo and Hope’s wedding, I was shaking, let me tell you! I don’t know if it was because, as a Bo and Hope fan, it seemed like that day would never get here or what, but I seemed to have all the bride’s jitters, as Kristian was remarkably laid back.

“This is the third trip down the aisle for Bo and Hope,” Kristian pointed out to me, as we lounged around between scenes. “So it’s really more about fun and friends and family, just relaxing and having a good time.”

It took half the cast and nearly all of the crew more than a week to tape the wedding and reception, but Hope's dress has been in the works for months! It was last summer when Kristian and Days costume designer, Richard Bloore, first put their heads together to come up with something unique for Hope to wear on the special day. The result is a stunning gown made of four-ply ivory silk with a silk chiffon overlay. Hope will be skipping the veil in favor of a dainty diamond tiara and long, cascading curls. "This wedding is sort of a new beginning for Hope," Kristian explains. "I wanted the dress to reflect that. I wanted her to look as ethereal as possible." Bloore's creation is a success in achieving the look he and Kristian had in mind: The gown makes Kristian look like a Christmas angel. All that's missing is the halo!

The wedding itself was a tasteful understated affair. In fact, except for the cranky babies, it went off pretty much without a hitch. “These are such long days for the babies,” Kristian allowed. “It’s hard for them and they don’t understand why they can’t just take a nap!” But Kristian is simply marvelous with the babies who play JT [since the wedding, the role of JT has been recast with a different set of twins]. Just watching her on screen it’s obvious she has a great rapport with them and so when they cry, she’s right there to calm them down, making silly faces and cooing at them.

“They try to talk to me. I could just eat them up, they’re so cute,” Kristian told me. In their little miniature tuxes, I had to agree!

Fans who love to watch Kristian and Peter dance together (wouldn't that be all of us?) will be delighted to know that the bride and groom will perform a beautifully choreographed routine to the tune of "Valentine," by Jim Brickman for their first dance together as husband and wife. Kristian, an accomplished dancer, worked closely with the show's choreographer, Christy Curtis, to ensure everything was just perfect.

For Kristian, it was a whirlwind week of taping, photo shoots and interviews with magazines and television news programs. Spending several hours a day in a pair of heels can be a bit rough on the feet ("They're killing me," Kristian confessed), but the fun and excitement far outweighed the grueling hours on the set for Kristian, who is as excited to see Bo and Hope tie the knot as anyone is. Of course, no Days wedding is without its wacky moments, but fans can breathe a sigh of relief that at least this time the star-crossed duo will definitely make it to the "I dos" . . . and that alone is reason to sing "Joy To The World" this holiday season!