How tall is Kristian?

Kristian stands 5'4" tall (without her heels!)

Are Kristian's eyes blue or brown?

Neither. Kristian has green eyes.

When is Kristian's birthday?

Kristian was born on September 5. She is a meticulous, perfectionist Virgo, through and through!

What is Kristian's ethnic background?

Kristian is 100 percent Italian. Her grandparents hail from Sicily and the Calabria region of southern Italy.

What is the shape of those earrings Kristian always wears on the show and where can I get a pair?

Kristian's earrings are a fleur de lis design in diamond and white gold. They were purchased from a jewelry designer in Los Angeles. The good news is, Kristian has her own jewelry line called Hope Faith Miracles from which you can buy a pair of earrings just like hers! Just click on the Shop link above to get to her online store.

How did Kristian lose weight and how does she stay so thin?

"I wish I could say I know some secret for losing weight," Kristian says, "but there really is no magic pill. There is only one way to do it: Eating sensibly and exercising regularly."

Kristian has tried every fad diet under the sun, but as many of us know from experience, they rarely work. These days, she maintains her svelte figure by eating in moderation and trying not to eat after 7 pm. She also drinks a lot of water. Don't underestimate the importance of this! Not only will it help you lose weight, but it will keep your skin clear and your hair shiny!

Kristian likes to be outside, so she tailors her exercise regimen around that, alternating between bicycling, hiking and (lately) basketball.

"I keep myself in check by weighing myself daily," Kristian adds. "A lot of doctors will tell you not to weigh yourself that often, but for me, I find it's the only way I can make sure I'm not cheating myself. Different things work for different people, so find what works for you and stick with it."

I read that Kristian had a baby, but I thought she was single. Did she get married recently?

Yes, as reported here, Kristian was married in October 2001 to long-time beau, Danny Daggenhurst. Danny is not in the "business;" he is an attorney, and a very handsome one at that! Their son Jack was born July 18, 2002. Jack is the second son for each of them. Kristian, of course, has Gino and Danny also has a son, Spartan.

What kind of makeup/hair products/skin care products does Kristian use?

This question is impossible to answer because Kristian switches products all the time, to prevent her skin/hair from getting to used to anything. The best advice Kristian has (besides drinking lots of water!) is to work with, not against, your own coloring and skin type. Some of her favorite brands include M.A.C., Nars, Chanel and Stila.

For hair, she likes Biolage shampoo or conditioners. If you have any specific questions about a certain hairstyle or color of lipstick that you've seen on the show, drop a line to the hair and makeup department at Days via the Style page, which is updated each season with Kristian's style tips.

To keep her skin looking so flawless, Kristian swears by a product called Aminogenesis. You can learn more about it here.

Where can I get the wedding dress that Hope wore at her last wedding to Bo? It's beautiful!

The dress was beautiful, but unfortunately it's an original design by Days costume designer, Richard Bloore, and therefore is not available for purchase. In fact many of the gowns the ladies wear on Days are Bloore creations, especially when it's a big party scene and everyone is dressed up (Greta's coronation, for instance). Other times, Mr. Bloore outfits Kristian in something off the rack. Sometimes we can find out the name of the designer for you, but sometimes not. It really just depends.